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The future of business information management best practice

For nearly twenty years, ABF has led the market in providing guidance about BIM through the best practices published first as BiSL, and then BiSL next. The widespread acceptance of the description ‘digital information’ when describing business services provided by IT has led to ABF concluding and agreeing a strategy to relaunch all BiSL guidance under the banner of Digital Information Design (DID).

Digital Information Design (DID) Foundation
By Brian Johnson & Leon Paul de Rouw

Digital Information Design (DID) is primarily a business information management (BIM) model. As with any model it is used to help you to describe problems and test potential solutions. DID is not like any other method or framework model; it is independent of any other existing model or framework and does not claim to manage the entirety of the design of business information services. 

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The DID foundation

Information systems and related applications have a long shelf life. Constant modifications are making these systems increasingly complicated and expensive to manage and renew. The control of IT processes is crucial here.

DID Foundation is a meeting place for professionals with a common interest. The Foundation encourages the improvement of working methods and the exchange of best practices. Co-operation offers great advantages. The experience of others helps to improve management processes within each organisation. And each organisation’s own experience helps other companies.

The result should be an improvement in the quality of the overall service provided industry-wide.

DID provides an introduction to BIM in a pragmatic way and is written for anyone that wants to start practicing BIM, or needs a basic knowledge about key BIM topics.

BiSL® Next is the next generation of BiSL, to improve business performance through better use of information and technology.

BiSL (Business Information Services Library) is a vendor independent public domain library for the implementation of business information management.

ASL is a vendor independent public domain library for the implementation of application management.

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